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Leadership speech
Over the past 67 years, CTCE Group has participated in nearly 20,000 km of railway construction. As a benchmarking enterprise of the world top 500 brands--China Railway Group Limited, it is known for building construction.
About us
As a large-scaled construction enterprise and a model subsidiary of China Railway Engineering Corporation which is one of Fortune Global 500, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(CTCE Group), possesses a series of government-registered and issued qualification certificates. It is licensed to conduct business and contract engineering projects abroad.
Global development
CTCE Group took the initiative to implement its “Going Global” strategy, widely participated in competition and cooperation in international construction markets, completed over 100 projects in more than 20 countries and regions.
Global service
CTCE Group not only contributed a number of high-quality projects and beneficial projects, but also improved the local transportation capacity, improved the public living conditions, speeded up economic and trade exchanges between the host country and surrounding countries.
Global public welfare
CTCE Group has always actively participated in international public welfare undertakings, and provided material assistance to improve the people’s living standard in the host country, it helped the host country to solve a lot of major livelihood issues.