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About Us

Brief Introduction

    As a large-scaled construction enterprise and a model subsidiary of China Railway Engineering Corporation which is one of Fortune Global 500, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(CTCE Group), possesses a series of government-registered and issued qualification certificates as follows: super class general contractor of railway engineering; class A general contractor for highway engineering, municipal works, building works and electromechanical equipment installation works; class A specialized contractor for more than a dozen of categories of works, inclusive of bridge, tunnel, highway bed and surface, railway track-laying and girder-erection, railway electric power, communications, signaling, electrification engineering, telecommunication engineering, architectural decoration, fire control facilities, hydraulic tunnel and steel structure; specialized contractor of highway transportation engineering and urban mass transit engineering, class B general contractor of water conservancy and hydropower engineering; grade-one contractor of environment protection engineering and geological hazard control engineering; grade-one designer of steel structures, railways and buildings. It is also licensed to conduct business and contract engineering projects abroad. Besides, it engages in architectural survey and design, new construction material manufacture£¨railway operation services, construction machinery rental services, equipment and material export, real estate development and investment in infrastructure.

    In the past over 60 years since its establishment, China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co Ltd has constructed, renovated, extended more than 100 railway lines, as well as over 10 large-scaled railway junctions. It has also made remarkable achievements and won a high reputation in the fields of construction of expressways, municipal engineering, automobile proving grounds, urban mass transit engineering, industrial & civil buildings, electrification engineering, and so on. By active participation of international market, it has been fairly internationalized by undertaking about one hundred projects including railways, highways, industrial & civil buildings, water conservancy works, in over 20 countries or regions.

    Of these above-mentioned projects, CTCE Group won Luban Prize for National Architectural Engineering Project for 22 times,  were awarded Zhantianyou Grand Prize for National Civil Engineering for 23 times, won State Consumer-Satisfying Architectural Project Prize for 23 times, obtained State Municipal Demonstration Engineering Golden Cup Prize for 15 times, won State Excellent Welding Engineering Prize for 32 times, got National Building Steel Structure Golden Prize  for 21 times, won State Quality Prize for 29 times, won State Technology Advanced Prize for 13 times, won provincial and industrial level prizes for 241 times and won as many as more than 200 times obtained provincial or ministerial-level high-quality project prize. Due to its constant innovation, there are 24 scientific and technological achievements won State Scientific & Technological Progress Prize, gained Scientific & Technological Progress Prizes at provincial and ministerial level for 221 times. We also have as much as 546 stste authotized patents and 141 invetions.

    As a state-authorized hi-tech enterprise, CTCE has established a state-level technological center, as well as a post-doctoral work station. We have 23,000 employees. And among them there are over 14,100 technical personnel, including more than 4800 medium or senior professionals, of which 11 enjoy the Government-offered Special Expert Allowance. In addition, we also staffed with about over 7,400 skilled workers. It is equipped with more than 9,800 pieces or sets of advanced production facilities totaling 1.09 million KW. Among these ones, over 200 sets or pieces are large modern equipment for construction of metro tunnel, production, transportation and erection of special railway, manufacturing and laying of ballastless slab track, or for construction of highway asphalt surface. Based on the excellent management and achievements, it has in recent years been assessed as one of Grade-A construction enterprises consecutively through the credit rating activities organized by the Ministry of Railways, being the only construction enterprise which won such as an achievement among nearly 100 contractor of railway engineering since 2005, and has been given overall credit lines of £§ 49.9 billion. In addition, it won the titles of National Excellent Construction Enterprise, State Excellent Enterprise for Ideological Work, State Contract-Observing and Promise-Keeping Enterprise, State Excellent Enterprise for Engineering Construction Quality Control, State Model Harmonious Enterprise for Labor Relation, as well as the Labor Honorary Credential of May Day for many times.