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About Us

Brief Introduction

Ctce Group is a large comprehensive construction company with business at both home and abroad, and Ctce Group is a model and benchmark subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited( CREC in short), the fortune global 500. By the end of 2018, the annual new marketing value and production capability has both reached RMB1000 billion.

Ctce Group has 95 contracting license and certificates including railway highway, housing, municipal works, electric installation engineering etc., among which 4 super general contracting certificates are with railway, highway, housing and municipal works. Ctce Group is the first company with such 4 super general contracting certificates in Anhui Province. Ctce Group also has international contracting license and marketing certificates, the business of which covers most fields of infrastructure development, new material research&manufacturing, engineering design&supervision, logistic trade&service, real estate, infrastructure BT, PPP investment mode. At present, Ctce Group has business in more than 31 provinces in China and more than 10 other countries in the world like Angola, Ethiopia, Mongolia and Indonesia.

For the past 60 years, Ctce Group has totally constructed more than 20000km railway, regardless of the newly-built or upgrading, main or branch line, with more than 10 terminals. Besides that, Ctce Group has also constructed many famous projects in the fields of highway, municipal works, housing, water conservation project, auto testing field projects. Ctce Group is considered as one of the pioneer in infrastructure development in China. Ctce Group is a keen player in the metro development in China, for Ctce Group has participated in the urban traffic development in most cities in China, with the largest marketing share, is the backbone company under CREC system and in Anhui Province. In 2018, the new marketing value and turnover of Ctce Group is specifically reaching RMB101.9billion and RMB98 billion. Ctce Group has totally constructed 158km bridges and 79km tunnels and 75km TBM construction, 370 thousand housing building, 112 million m3 earthworks. Ctce Group has made a new history for both turnover and main engineering works. A large number of important projects undertaken by Ctce Group are to be completed to put into use such as high-speed railway from hangzhou-huangshan, Haerbin-Mudanjiang, Beijing-Shenyang, Nanjing-Longyang, Shijiazhuang-Jinan, Handicapped Children Development center in Mongolia, Foreign-aid Municipak Drainage Project in Mauritania etc.