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Leadership speech

CTCE Group was born in 1950. Over the past 67 years, this enterprise has participated in nearly 20 thousand km of railway construction which contained 1/7 of the total mileage of 120,000 km railways. At the same time, it involved in the China’s high-speed rail network main construction because of its rich management experience and technology, therefore, it has been called a genuine"vanguard"in domestic railway construction.

As a benchmarking enterprise of the world top 500 brands--China Railway Group Limited, CTCE Group has a good brand reputation in the field of building construction. It has won Luban Prize for National Architectural Engineering Project for 22 times, awarded Zhantianyou Grand Prize for National Civil Engineering for 23 times, and a large number of highly value awards in China and abroad. Due to its constant innovation, there are 24 scientific and technological achievements won State Scientific & Technological Progress Prize, gained Scientific & Technological Progress Prizes at provincial and ministerial level for 221 times. CTCE Group also won the "national civilized unit", "national excellent construction enterprise", "national building  unit", “12th Five-year innovation brand enterprises in China" and other honorary titles.

In recent years, the enterprise actively to meet the needs of internal and external environmental changes, accelerating the development of the construction business at the same time, actively adjust the product structure, and orderly implementation of diversified development five business sectors formed: the domestic construction, investment, overseas business, constructing related industries and logistics business services. Among them, the enterprise in Angola, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Venezuela, Indonesia, Mongolia and other Asian and African has constructing projects. In 2016, the new signing contracts on overseas business already are up to $740 million.

As a growing international competitive modern multinational enterprise group, CTCE Group sincerely hopes that each partner, could develop together.