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CREC4 erects last box girder to traverse Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway2022-09-30 10:18:28

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) successfully erected a major box girder on the Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou High-speed Railway on September 25, to traverse the existing Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, also known as the Southeast Coastal Railway, nearing the completion of the box girder erection on the new line.


Builders from CREC4 Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd conducted the successful erection on the Xiamen northbound island’s connection line, which traverses the Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, on the Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou HSR, which is scheduled to be put into operation in June 2023.

The Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou HSR, which connects Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou and Xiamen with Zhangzhou in Fujian Province, is the second high-speed railway in Fujian and also the first cross-sea HSR in China. Meanwhile, the Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway is a line on the southeastern coast of China, linking Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang Province, and Shenzhen, a metropolis in Guangdong Province.


Both as trunk railways in the coastal area, the Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou HSR needs to traverse the existing Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway for many times during its construction. Earlier, the construction of the box girders on the main line of the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway has been completed by July 23 this year.

In order to successfully erect the box girder over the existing Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway line as scheduled, the CREC4 erection team made careful preparation, and strictly followed construction organization, technical guarantee and work safety measures, so as to ensure the smooth construction of the box girder.

It has been learned that at present, there are only two box girders remaining on the whole line of the Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou HSR, and they can be erected before the National Day on October 1.