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First large-scale public health clinical center in Luan witnesses top-out2022-09-07 15:13:45

The main structure of Lu’an Infectious Diseases Hospital, built by Lu’an People’s Hospital in Anhui Province and undertaken by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), ushered in its topping-out on August 31, marking a major step toward the full completion of the first large-scale public health clinical center in Lu’an City.


The Lu’an Infectious Diseases Hospital project, located on the north side of the West Campus of Lu’an People’s Hospital, has a total construction area of some 74,600 square meters, bordering Tiantangzhai Road in the east and Qingtong Road in the south. Among the project, 54,300 square meters are above ground while 20,300 square meters are underground. The project includes infectious isolation ward building, common infectious disease building, ancillary buildings, underground garages, corridors, guard rooms, garbage rooms and outdoor landscapes.


Since the official start of construction on October 8, 2021, the CREC4 builders have successively overcome a series of difficulties through well-coordinated anti-COVID measures and scientific construction. They only used 185 days in constructing the main structure of the isolation ward building, 67 days ahead of schedule, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent construction and decoration. The entire project is to be finished and put into operation in mid-November 2023.

As a key project concerning public well-being in Lu’an, the Lu’an Infectious Disease Hospital will further enhance the city’s ability in preventing and treating major epidemics, perfecting medical conditions for residents and elevating its overall capacity of medical services upon completion. It will also be of great significance in handling public health emergencies and helping build a strong barrier in safeguarding the health and life safety of residents in the city.