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Longest shield tunnel section on Hefei Metro Line 8 makes steady progress2022-09-06 14:51:47

The right line of the longest shield tunnel section on Hefei Metro Line 8 in Hefei, the provincial capital of Anhui, was successfully connected on September 5, laying a solid foundation for the future operation of this north-south transport corridor in the city.


The shield tunnel section between Hetang Road Station to Jinning Road Station of the first phase of Hefei Metro Line 8, built by the Fourth Engineering of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), is located in Changfeng County and works as the fifth section of the metro line’s first phase.


The left line of the section is 2131.5 meters long while the right line is 2128.6 meters long, all cutting through medium-weathered rock formations. The tunnels in the section are buried at a depth between 8.2 and 36 meters, while they mainly pass through the municipal pressurized sewage pipes for a long distance and traverse the Jinzhu Road pedestrian overpass. All these pose a tight work schedule, heavy tasks and high risks for the CREC4 builders.

In order to ensure the safe and efficient progress of this section, the project department has taken multiple measures to safeguard work safety, and quick construction. Meanwhile, the builders also took scientific methods to protect the smooth progress of the shield excavators in the tunnels that run through the medium-weathered rock formations.

Running from the northern part of Hefei to the city proper, Hefei Metro Line 8 will serve a key north-south transport artery, providing quick access for city dwellers in the north to move around within the city upon completion.