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CREC4 starts upgrading project for G105 national highway in Anhui2022-08-18 15:03:06

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) started the upgrading and reconstruction project on August 15 for the G105 National Highway within Anhui Province.


The reconstructed section of G105 starts from the bridgehead of the Jiezhi River bridge at the junction of Susong County and Taihu County, and ends southward at at the intersection of Tongzhan Road and Zhenxing Avenue. It is located in southwestern Anhui.

Upgraded in a standard for two-way first-class highway, the 19.453-kilometer-long reconstructed section has a roadbed of 24.5 meters wide and a designed speed of 80 km per hour for passing vehicles, and will be built with asphalt concrete.

The main construction includes roadbeds, pavements, bridges and culverts, traffic facilities and greening projects, in addition to one maintenance work area and one control station for checking overloaded vehicles.

It is learned that the upgraded project is an important trunk road connecting the surrounding areas of Susong County. Upon completion, it will help boost the link among the various regions, and offer more convenient transport for travelers.