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Test running completed in Wuhan Metro Line 7s north extension2022-08-08 14:41:22

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) completed rolling and running test in the first-phase of North Extension Line of Wuhan Metro Line 7 on August 2.

The north extension section of Wuhan Metro Line 7, or the Qianchuan section, extends for 36.44 kilometers with 11 stations. It starts at the Huangpi Square Station, and ends at Expo Park North Station after passing through Huangpi Avenue, Shuangfeng Avenue, Chuanlong Avenue, Panlong Avenue and Huanhu Middle Road.


CREC4 Installation Co., Ltd undertook the construction of the No 3 Bid — which runs for 20 kilometers — on the north extension line, including works on wind and water treatment facilities, electricity and decoration. The entire project includes wind and water treatment, electricity and decoration for Julong Avenue Station, air shaft between Julong Avenue Station and Tangyunhai Station, Tangyunhai Station, the No 1 and No 2 air shafts between Tangyunhai Station and Machi Station, Machi Station and adjacent sections, as well as decorations in the equipment areas.

The whole project, undertaken by Hubei Regional Operations Management Department of CREC4 Installation Co., Ltd, has a long area span which demands a huge amount of engineering work. And to successfully fulfill the construction node targets, the project department carefully planned and scientifically deployed the building operations. The builders only took 20 days in completing the needed decoration and installation works, covering the platform, the rail areas and the related areas, and including the 120,000-meter-long inter-area lines and pipes, over 200,000 meters of electric wires, 2,000 section lighting fixtures, as well as installation of 3,000-meter section drainage pipes. All these provide good section lighting and drainage for the safe running during the closed-loop period.

At present, the rolling test, running test without electricity and running test carried out with electricity on the main line section have been completed, laying a solid foundation for next-step debugging and comprehensive joint debugging.