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CREC4 speeds up building Wenzhous largest urban railway depot2022-07-27 15:38:24

China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) launched a construction promotion campaign among its builders on July 25 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, to speed up the building of the city’s largest urban railway depot on its Rail Transit Line S2, also known as Wenzhou Suburban Railway Line S2.


CREC4 is building the Tingtian Railway Depot for the No SG9 Bid on the line, which is expected to start trial operation in June 2023. The Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S2, whose first phase extends for 63.63 kilometers, starts from Qingdong Road Station in Yueqing City in the north and ends at Dongshan Station in Ruian City in the south, running roughly from the northeast to the southwest.

The promotion campaign, launched at the work site of Tingtian Railway Depot, drew nearly 200 delegates from the local government, Wenzhou Mass Transit Railway Investment Group Co Ltd, the design unit, supervision unit, CREC4 and migrant workers participating in the construction.


Having officially started its construction July 15, 2021, CREC4’s project is located in Tingsi Village, Tingtian Town at Ruian City. The area is enclosed by the planned Ruifeng Avenue, the planned Longrui Avenue, the planned Qingquan Road and the existing Binhai (Seaside) Avenue. The main construction includes functional areas such as the ballastless track area, the ballast track area and roads, comprehensive office buildings, warehouses, production rooms, and apartments for passenger train attendants.


The total construction area for CREC4’s project is 216,800 square meters, with a total contract value at 2.89 billion yuan ($431 million) and a planned construction period of 730 days. Upon completion and opening to traffic, the Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S2 will be of great significance in improving the local transport and bolstering the economic development of its coastal areas. As of July 25, the accumulated construction value has hit 1.82 billion yuan, accounting for some 63 percent of the contract value.

At the launching ceremony on July 25, a co-construction agreement was signed among CREC4, the project owner and the local government, trying to boost the construction work.

Plates for workshops on creative task and demonstrative model station were also unveiled during the ceremony, which was followed by activities to encourage the participating migrant workers by donating beverages, milk and watermelons to them.

Since the start of the project, the officials in charge of the project department have well coordinated the construction work and anti-COVID tasks, thus safeguarding the smooth construction.