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CREC4 inks strategic cooperation agreement with Luyang in Hefei2023-01-20 12:41:59

China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), which is headquartered in Hefei, provincial capital of Anhui Province, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the city’s Luyang District to boost bilateral cooperative ties.

Liu Bo, Party secretary and chairman of CREC4, and Chen Hua, secretary of Luyang District Committee of the Communist Party of China, witnessed the signing of the agreement on January 19 during Chen’s visit to the CREC4 headquarters.


While welcoming Chen and his entourage on their visit to CREC4, Liu briefed the guests on the history, work qualifications, honors and awards as well as business spheres of CREC4. He noted that as a Hefei-based enterprise, CREC4 will prioritize the integration and development of housing construction and municipal public infrastructure engineering, based on its existing businesses and region-by-region development strategies.


CREC4 will try to make positive contribution in helping build Luyang into a representative of internationalized areas, a most beautiful “holy” district with advanced science and technology researches, as well as an international trade center in the Yangtze River Delta region, Liu said.


While briefing the CREC4 officials on Luyang’s economic and social progress, Chen stressed said that Luyang District has witnessed rapid economic development and huge market development potential in recent years. The district government will do its best in offering “escort” services to outstanding Luyang-based construction enterprises, and providing strong support for them to become bigger and stronger, he said.


Following the meeting, the relevant officials from both sides signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, under the witness of the leaders.