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Han Yonggang attends event for building major projects in Wuxi2023-01-12 14:46:35

Han Yonggang, general manager of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd, has attended an event for building some key projects in Wuxi, East China’s Jiangsu Province.

He joined the gala on January 6 for starting constructing “four railway lines and four expresses” in the prefecture-level city, which is an economic hub bordering Taihu Lake.


The launching ceremony on January 6 of constructing “four railway lines and four expresses” inXuxi.

The “four railway lines and four expresses” are: Wuxi Metro’s Line 5, Wuxi-Yixing Intercity Rail Transit Project, Wuxi Metro’s Line 4 Phase II, Wuxi-Jiangyin Intercity Rail Transit Project, the South Line Project of Wuxi-Jiangyin Yangtze River Tunnel, the expansion of Wuxi-Yixing Expressway, the new construction of Wuxi-Taicang Expressway and the expansion of the Wuxi section of Shanghai-Wuhan Expressway.

Du Xiaogang, secretary of Wuxi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), announced the start of the project, while Wuxi Mayor Zhao Jianjun delivered a speech at the event, which was presided over by Wuxi Vice-Mayor Zhang Lijun. Some other leaders of Wuxi, including Xiang Xuelong, Xu Feng, Cao Jiazhong, Wu Jianyuan, leaders of Wuxi City, Chen Shoubin, also attended the event, which drew Zhang Jun, Party secretary and Chairman of Wuxi Metro Group.


Han Yonggang, 3rdright, attends the launching ceremony.

Han Yonggang, Geng Jin, CREC4 Business Manager and director of CREC4 East China Regional Operations Command, and Qi Peng, first deputy director of CREC4 East China Regional Operations Command also took part in the event, which attracted over 70 delegates from Wuxi Metro, CREC4 Second Engineering Co., Ltd and others.

Wuxi Mayor Zhao Jianjun noted that it is imperative to give full play to the role of the government in stimulating investment, expand domestic demand, boost confidence, stabilize expectations and comprehensively set off a new upsurge of building large projects. It is conducive in perfecting Wuxi’s existing transport network so as to meet the growing need of local residents, and forging upgraded interlink among various regions in the province, in a bid to join the Yangtze River Delta integration and help build a new development pattern.


CREC4 builders start work on the No 6 Bid project of Wuxi Metro’s Line 5.

The No 6 Bid project of Wuxi Metro’s Line 5, which was undertaken by CREC4, includes three stations and four sections between Xiangyang Road and Zhujiang Road, with a total length of about 5.12 kilometers. Since winning the bid and entering the site on October 26, 2022, the construction work of CREC4 builders has progressing smoothly.

Upon completion, Wuxi Metro’s Line 5 will upgrade Wuxi’s transport network, elevate the traffic capacity of Lihu New City, support the strategy of Taihu Bay Science and Innovation Belt and boost the development of “Wuxi on the rail.”