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Han Yonggang joins gala for building Suzhou Olympic Sports Center2023-01-03 15:48:24

Han Yonggang, general manager of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd, has attended an opening ceremony showcasing the commencement of the construction of the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, calling for more contribution in bolstering the progress of the prefecture-level city of Suzhou in northeastern Anhui Province.

Yang Jun, secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), also took part in the opening ceremony for the event on December 26, 2022, and announced the start of the construction work for the center.


The opening ceremony announcing the commencement of the construction of the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.

Wang Qirong, deputy secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and mayor of Suzhou, and some other leaders of Suzhou, including Li Hong, Ren Dong and Liu Bofu, also participated in the event, which drew top business executives including Zheng Yujian and Zhang Yong, besides Han.

In his speech, Wang Qirong noted that with a total investment of 970 million yuan ($140 million), the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center will host a series of provincial-level and city-level sports events upon its completion. He called on the builders, including CREC4, to adhere to high-standard planning, construction and management, enhance construction quality and work safety, so as to build the sports center into an excellent project that is of first-class quality, and can withstand the test of history and the people. This will help make Suzhou into a city of sports, a city of health advancement and a city of happiness with its unique charms.

In his speech as the representative of project builders, Han Yonggang called on the CREC4 builders and their peers involved in the project to construct the center into a project winning credit and good faith, a project of top safety, a project with top quality, and a project as a good model, in a bid to make renewed contribution in elevating the advancement of a modernized Suzhou.


CREC4 General Manager Han Yonggangdelivers a speech as the representative of project builders.

It has been learned that the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center will be composed of a stadium, a natatorium, and some comprehensive fitness centers, outdoor projects and auxiliary sports technology facilities. Among them, with a total building area is some 40,000 square meters, the stadium can accommodate some 30,000 spectators. The natatorium and the comprehensive fitness centers will cover some 49,600 square meters in building areas. The CREC4 Steel Structure Construction Co., Ltd is mainly in charge of building the stadium, and indoor and outdoor supporting facilities.

Upon completion, the sports center will immensely meet the needs of local residents for physical fitness, and better serve the development of the sports industry in Suzhou City.

Leaders from CREC4 Anhui Regional Operations Command, CREC4 Steel Structure Construction Co., Ltd, CREC4 Designing Institute, CREC4 Investment and Operation Co., Ltd, as well as government officials from relevant agencies at Suzhou, also joined in the opening ceremony.