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CREC4-built expressway connection line opens to traffic in Guangdong2022-12-28 16:23:06

A connection line to major expressways within Chaozhou City of South China’s Guangdong Province, partially built by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), opened to traffic on December 26, helping bolster the local transport.

The Chaozhou East Connecting Line, a north-south transport line running for 6.3 kilometers, can help drivers easily access the Ningbo–Dongguan Expressway and the Shenyang-Haikou Expressway, all major transport arteries on the eastern and southern Chinese coast which traverse Chaozhou.


The connection line, partially built by CREC4 Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd, is a two-way four-lane expressway, with a newly added high-speed entrance and exit at Fengquan (Phoenix Spring) Lake Station, which is located near the juncture of Zhongshan Avenue and Huoju (Torch) Road at Fengquan Lake High-tech Zone of Chaozhou’s Tiepu Township.

With the new connecting line, drivers can enter or exit the existing expressways from Fengquan Lake Station, or they can enter or exit Fengquan Lake Station from the two expressways.

Builders from CREC4 Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd built 5.22 kilometers of the 6.3-km connecting line, covering engineering works on Longma Bridge, Luzhuang Village Bridge, Jinping Hill Bridge, Xiaozhuang Village Bridge, Xiaozhuang Village Access Bridge, two tunnels, two deep-excavation slopes and related subgrade ancillary facilities.

Since starting their construction work, the CREC4 constructors followed stringent work plans and work safety procedures, thus ensuring the successful completion of the project.

With a designed speed of 100 km per hour, the connecting line is of vital importance in boosting the development and construction of Fengquan Lake High-tech Zone as well as the local transport.