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CREC4 helps build ¡®Great Craftsmen Training Building¡¯ in Jilin2022-11-09 14:35:38

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., who are constructing a “Great Craftsmen Training Building” for Jilin Railway Technology College in Jilin Province, have witnessed a top-out of the building lately.

Constructors from CREC4 Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd completed the topping-out at the second phase of the new campus at the Jilin Province-administered college on November 5, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent interior decorations.


¡¾The construction site of the Great Craftsmen Training Buildingat Jilin Railway Technology College.¡¿

The college, whose predecessors include the Jilin Railway Economic School established in 1948, the Jilin Railway Transport Faculty University set up in 1958, and the Jilin Railway College which was renamed in 1961, got its present name in February 2006. As of October 2021, the college covers an area of 1,342.44 mu (89.5 hectares), with a faculty of 815 people and 1,1140 students.


¡¾A model for the Great Craftsmen Training Buildingat Jilin Railway Technology College.¡¿

Situated in Yongji Economic Development Zone in Jilin City, CREC4’s project covers four separate buildings and supporting facilities within the campus. The Great Craftsmen Training Building is a three-story building with frame structures and a loft roof, covering a building area of 3,733.08 square meters.

Since entering the construction site, CREC4’s project management department has actively overcome various difficulties, and bolstered all-round comprehensive management, meeting all the requirements for green engineering construction, standardized and civilized construction, as well as normalized sound and noise reduction.

After completion, the project can help the college better serve the nation’s high-speed railway strategy and the industrial optimization in Jilin Province. It can also help the college build itself into a world-class vocational and technical university with Chinese characteristics, in addition to providing a stronghold for cultivating high-end craftsmen for high-speed railways.