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CREC4 contributes to Beijing subway upgrade in screen doors2022-11-09 14:32:39

The Installation Co., Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), which is undertaking the installation of platform screen doors for Line 2 of Beijing Subway, has completed the interlocking and linkage of the doors on the whole line.


The job, completed by November 5, was to add platform screen doors and supporting systems to the 18 stations on Line 2, which sees a daily flow of millions of passengers due to its location in the core area of the 2nd Ring Road in the Chinese capital.

The whole tasks include the installation of half-height screen doors in the station, the reinforcement of civil platform plates, new construction for platform doors’ equipment rooms and the corresponding supporting upgrade, and the supporting upgrade of the signal system, communication system, monitoring system (including the fire alarm system), ventilation and air conditioning system, water supply and drainage and fire protection systems, as well as the control center.


It has been learned that the project can effectively prevent passengers from accidentally falling off the platforms, greatly elevate the safe utilization rate of the line, and safeguard the safety of passengers.

With the excellent performance in installing the screen doors on Line 2, the Beijing Branch of CREC4 Installation Co., Ltd has successfully entered the market of reconstruction of existing lines of Beijing Subway. This will help lay a solid foundation for expanding future businesses as well as widening the market of existing lines of Beijing Subway for CREC4 Installation.