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CREC4 makes headway in building subway line in Changchun2022-10-25 14:28:46

Constructors from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) successfully connected the double-track line on October 24 at the Lujiatun entrance and exit section of Changchun Rail Transit Line 5 in Jilin Province in Northeast China, ushering in favorable conditions for the subsequent track-laying construction.


As a busy trunk line in Changchun’s subway network, Changchun Rail Transit Line 5 is 19.7 kilometers long in its main line and is being laid for tracks from the southwest to the northeast.

There will be 18 stations and one depot along the line, all of which are underground stations. Among them, the shield section of Lujiatun entrance and exit line runs for 1,335 meters, and is the longest, steepest and the most-difficult-to-build shield section of the whole line.

During the construction process, the participating staff members monitored the shield posture real-time, and comprehensively learned the surface settlement changes, in a bid to ensure the safety of shield tunneling.

Since the start of this year, the project department has made every effort to safeguard the supply of on-site materials, providing a strong guarantee for the completion of shield tunneling tasks. The CREC4 builders only spent 116 days and nights on the realizing the double-line connection of the shield section.