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CREC4 digs first pier for Jinan East Super-Bridge in new HSR project2022-10-09 14:14:10

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) began digging the first pier on October 8 for the Jinan East Super-Bridge of Jinan Connecting Line Project for the Tianjin-Weifang High-speed Railway, marking the official start in building the Jinan Connecting Line.


Also known as Jinan-Binzhou HSR, the Jinan Connecting Line for the Tianjin-Weifang HSR starts at Jinan East Railway Station and ends at Binzhou Railway Station, with a total length of 145.299 kilometers for the main line and a designed speed of 350 km per hour for the trains. There are six stations along the line, including Jinan East, Yaoqiang Airport, Jiyang, Shanghe, Huimin and Binzhou stations. Among them, the 9.15-km-long Jinan East Super-Bridge is undertaken by CREC4 and is a key project on the Jinan-Binzhou HSR.


Spanning DK2+211.63DK11+363.76, the super-bridge has complex and diverse superstructures, including continuous beams, bownstring arch, cable-stayed bridge and arch bridge. With a maximum pier shaft of 27.5 meters, its substructure adopts bored piles, pile-cap foundation and double-track round-end solid piers. Meanwhile, due to traversing Beijing-Shanghai, Jinan-Guangzhou and Qingdao-Yinchuan expressways, the super-bridge also has such challenges as immense construction difficulties and stringent technical standards.

Due to detailed and scientific arrangement, CREC4 builders have laid a solid foundation for all the preparatory work.

It has been learned that upon completion, the Jinan-Binzhou HSR will boost the rapid flow of passengers among major cities and towns along the line, such as Jinan, Jiyang, Shanghe, Huimin and Binzhou, helping implement the national development strategy, as well as bolster the coordinated development of regional economy and urbanization drive.