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Fushouling Station of Beijing Metro Line 1 completes cold slip test2022-09-29 14:57:03

The Fushouling Station on Beijing Metro Line 1 completed its cold-slip test on September 27, when a cold-slip test vehicle successfully ended ascending, changing lanes and descending jobs and stopped at the test destination, marking the end of cold-slip test for the station’s renovation and upgrade project.

The station’s renovation and upgrade project was undertaken by the Installation Co Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd.


The aim of the cold-slip test is to check whether the installation and performance of each system equipment meet the designed requirement, whether the system equipment and facilities meet the maximum limit, whether the geometric dimensions of the railway line and contact rail equipment meet the designed standards, so as to ensure the safe operation of the subway trains.

Before the test, the CREC4 project department carefully organized the all processes to ensure its success, while during the test, the persons in charge of each point communicated in an orderly manner and cooperated properly to safeguard the smooth running of the test vehicle, and thus usher in the final success of the test.

It has been learned that the demolition and re-casting of the inter-station platforms at Fushouling Station, the reconstruction of crossover lines and the laying of cables have all been completed. The successful completion of the current cold-slip test has helped to create favorable conditions for the subsequent catenary power transmission, thermal slip and the whole system’s joint debugging and joint testing.