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CREC4 builders start work at G105 upgrade project in Susong2022-09-16 15:13:09

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) started their drilling on September 5 for the first pile on the newly-built No 1 Middle Bridge for the highway section of the G105 upgrade and reconstruction project within Susong County in southwestern Anhui Province, marking the official commencement of the project’s main construction.


The upgraded highway section, running for 19.453 kilometers and being built by CREC4 Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd, starts from the bridge head at the junction of Susong and Taihu counties under Anqing City, and ends at the intersection of Tongzhan Road and Zhenxing Avenue in the south. It is to be constructed in the standard of a two-way first-class highway, with a roadbed of 24.5 meters wide and a designed speed of 80 kilometers per hour. There will be eight new bridges and 72 culverts to be built on the main line.

In order to start the first pile drilling on schedule, the project department coordinated with various units to quickly advance the various preliminary work, laying a solid foundation for the main project. Before the first pile was drilled, the project department also discussed on the detailed safety technologies with the construction operators, and launched quality management on the whole process of drilling and hole formation, in a bid to ensure that all the drilling indicators meet the design and specification requirements.

As a key trunk road connecting Susong with its surrounding areas, the project will help bolster the exchanges in the local regions, improve the local transport and boost the development of the local economy.