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CREC4-partially-built dairy cow ranches start construction in Inner Mongolia2022-09-15 14:19:16

Two dairy cow demonstration ranches in Inner Mongolia, developed by Zhongqing Agricultural Business (Beijing) Technology Industry Group Co Ltd under China Road & Bridge Corporation, launched their groundbreaking ceremonies in the autonomous region’s Arun Banner on September 13.

Aiming to be new era demonstration ranches with technological advancement, wisdom, green and advanced environmental protection, the Zhongqing Xingye Ranch and the Zhongqing Serhan Ranch, all located in Arun Banner under Hulunbuir City, are mainly divided into four areas: dairy cattle breeding area, office and living area, forage area and sewage disposal area.


Among them, the Zhongqing Xingye Ranch, located in the sixth production team of Baoguo Village under Liuhe Township, is being built by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Covering an area of about 1,572 mu (104.8 hectares), the ranch will witness a construction area of 305,000 square meters, including an underground construction area of some 80,000 square meters. It is estimated that there will be 12,000 dairy cows in stock, with a daily milk output of 230 metric tons.

As two demonstration ranches for the modern dairy farming industry in Arun Banner, the project will help boost the local rural vitalization and usher in a new chapter for the milk source base in Arun.

Since 2019, Arun Banner has been implementing a strategy of revitalizing the dairy industry, and has witnessed remarkable achievements in vitalizing the dairy industry. It is learned that the two new ranches will make innovations in resource-saving use and recycling technology, comprehensively reduce the discharge of various wastes, so as to elevate the utilization rate of clean energy.