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CREC4-built metro line tested in Henan, ready to open to public2022-09-14 14:15:39

Central China’s Henan Province tested a new metro line, or the so-called Metro Line 17 that runs between Zhengzhou Airport and Xuchang City, on September 8 without carrying passengers and will put it into operation soon.


Builders from the Installation Co Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) have participated in building this 67-kilometer-long line, which is an urban rail transit artery connecting Zhengzhou Airport Area and Xuchang East Station in Xuchang’s Dongcheng District.

The whole line starts at Chaohu Road Station in the northern end, and after passing through Zhengzhou Airport Area, Changge City, Xuchang’s Jian’an District, finally reaches Xuchang East Station in Jian’an District, allowing trains to run at a designed speed of 120 km per hour. The Zhengzhou section of the line runs for 33.43 kilometers with 16 stations.


The CREC4 Installation Co Ltd is in charging of constructing the No 4 Bid for the Zhengzhou section, covering installation, decoration tasks for wind power, water and electricity facilities in four stations — Xunmei Road Station, Sicun Road Station, Huanghai Road Station, and Shuanghe Hubei Station.

The CREC4 builders followed scientific arrangement in safeguarding the successful completion of their tasks.

It is learned that upon operation, the Metro Line 17 will help boost the integrated development of Zhengzhou and Xuchang and elevate the radiation capacities of central cities in Henan.