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CREC4 completes first continuous beam for major HSR in N. China2022-09-14 14:13:24

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) successfully completed the continuous beam for the super-large Bridge Traversing National Expressway 512 — the first such beam on the Jining-Datong-Yuanping High-speed Railway — on September 10, providing strong support for the subsequent construction of the project.


The 290.116-kilomeer HSR, with an investment of 33.93 billion yuan ($5.06 billion), is to fast link North China’s Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, with trains running at 250 km per hour.

CREC4 is building a 31.751-km section of the whole line, which started its official construction in 2021.

Among the 290.116 km of the Jining-Datong-Yuanping HSR, 268.5 kilometers will be newly built. Starting at the east of Ulaanqab Station, the HSR runs through Qahar Right Wing Front Banner and Fengzhen City under Ulaanqab City in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region before entering Shanxi Province. After passing Xinrong District under Datong City, it will enter Datong South Station.

CREC4 builders followed scientific arrangement and detailed preparation to ensure the success in connecting the continuous beam on the 145.75-meter-long super-large bridge.

The Jining-Datong-Yuanping HSR is also one northern part of the vertically-run Hohhot-Nanning HSR, which is one of the nation’s “eight verticals and eight horizontals” HSR network.By connecting Ulaanqab with Shanxi’s Datong, Shuozhou and Xinzhou cities, the Jining-Datong-Yuanping HSR can also link with Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi, via the Datong-Xi’an High-speed Railway.

Upon operation, travel between Hohhot and Taiyuan will be reduced to 150 minutes, while that between Datong and Taiyuan will be slashed to 76 minutes, offering travelers great convenience and helping boost the regional economic progress.

Jointly developed by China State Railway Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, the Jining-Datong-Yuanping HSR will have eight stations: Ulaanqab, Fengzhen West, Datong South, Huairen East, Yingxian West, Shanyin South, Shuozhou East and Daixian West.