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Six CREC4-donated public well-being roads open to traffic in Huainan2022-09-05 15:44:10

Six road concerning public well-being in Panji District, Huainan City of Anhui Province, which were donated and built by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), officially opened to traffic on September 1, benefiting over 10,000 local residents in their convenient travel.


The roads, including Shunhuai Road and Qiping Road, are all located in the central area of Qiji Township and were constructed by the Huainan Coal Chemical Industry Park Project of CREC4 Seventh Engineering Co., Ltd.

The seven-meter-wide main road, all with asphalt pavement, is about 600 meters long from north to south. The whole project covers drainage outlet reconstruction, asphalt pavement paving and sidewalk construction.

Since the construction began on August 17, the CREC4 builders only used 14 days to complete the project, showcasing the strength of the landmark unit of a centrally-administered enterprise and its construction speed, winning accolade from the local residents.

Seeking the brand-new asphalt pavement and neat markings, local resident Zhou Yu said excitedly: “We have been looking forward to having this road for a long time. The previous one was full of potholes from the constant travel of many passing vehicles and was often crowded. Besides, it would be flooded with rain water, posing great inconvenience for passengers. The new roads are wide and excellent, and like urban roads, they offer much convenient for us in our daily travels.”

The smooth opening of the new roads has greatly improved the living conditions of more than 10,000 people living in the surrounding areas, largely enhancing the happiness of the local residents in the township.