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Longest municipal underground tunnel in Anhui opens to public2022-09-01 15:21:26

The main line of the Luzhou Avenue Underground Tunnel, or the section running from Fanhua Avenue to Jinxiu Avenue, in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province, opened to public at midnight of August 31 as the longest municipal underground tunnel in the province.


The tunnel project, located in the core area of Luogang Central Park and built by the Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd since October 2020, is 4.5 kilometers long, including a 3.6-kilometer tunnel and a 138-meter section covering the previous airport runway. It is the longest municipal trunk road in Anhui, with the largest investment and requiring the most complicated construction process.


There are five key node projects in the whole project. Among them, the previous airport runway of Luogang Airport, which is above the tunnel, has been completely preserved to its original ecology through many advance technologies in the country.

The Luzhou Avenue Underground Tunnel itself is 3.6 kilometers long, and is designed with three different lighting modes. Meanwhile, the tunnel is also the first underground interchange project in Anhui.


As a vertical traffic artery in the “one vertical and three horizontal” road network layout of Luogang Central Park, the Luzhou Avenue (Fanhua Avenue - Jinxiu Avenue section) will help ease the traffic flow on Huizhou Avenue and Baohe Avenue when fully operational. It is also conducive to the layout of urban road network in the Lakeside Science City, helping promote regional progress.