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CREC4 erects last box girder for a major intercity railway in Nanjing2022-08-30 16:46:58

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4) completed erecting the last box girder, which is 24.6 meters long, 7.1 meters wide, 2.524 meters high and weighs 272.9 tons, on a major intercity railway on August 29 in Nanjing, provincial capital of Jiangsu Province.

This marked the end in erecting all box girders for the Nanjing section of the Nanyanjiang Intercity Railway, or the Intercity Railway Running on the SouthBankof the Yangtze River, which will run for some 278 kilometers with nine railway stations, allowing trains to run at a maximum designed speed of 350 km per hour.


The CREC4-erected last box girder is located at Pier 0-1 on the Jiangning Downlink Super-Large Bridge for the No 1 Bid in front of railway stations situated in Qinhuai and Jiangning districts of Nanjing, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent laying of ballastless tracks.

The Nanyanjiang Intercity Railway will be a key backbone high-speed railway in the comprehensive three-dimensional transport corridor of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. CREC4’s bid section is 24.51 kilometers long, with six extra-large bridges to be built and 502 prefabricated box girders to be erected.

“We have implemented various safety protection measure to ensure safety and efficiency, thus leading to the successful completion of the box girder erection,” said Liu Jiwen, CREC4’s director of the No 1 Bid project, adding that the CREC4 builders are speeding up building the bridge deck accessories and other facilities.

As the second intercity railway between Shanghai and Nanjing, the Nanyanjiang Intercity Railway can afford the intercity passenger flow among the main cities along the line. Those economically-developed areas of Jurong, Jintan, Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang, Changshu will then join the one-hour high-speed rail circle in the region.