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CREC4 partially-built Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway opens to traffic2022-08-29 14:32:44

The Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway, a section of the G8012 (Mile-Chuxiong National Expressway) within Yunnan Province, fully opened to traffic on August 26 with an opening ceremony held at Shuangbai Toll Station, slashing the travel time between the two regions from the current four hours to one and a half hours.


Yuxi City borders Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in the north and the northwest. The Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway, also a section of the larger Guangzhou-Kunming National Expressway, is 190.597 kilometers long, starting at Yiduoshu Village at Yuxi’s Yanhe Township and ending at Daba Village in Chuxiong. It has a designed speed of 100 km per hour.

The new expressway, partially built by the Installation Co., Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., can now fully link seven districts and counties in Yuxi and Chuxiong as well as the provincial capital of Kunming, helping boost the economic and social progress in the three areas, as well as the integration in Yunnan.


Builders from the CREC4 Installation Co., Ltd mainly undertook the construction of the traffic safety facilities on the whole expressway, including wave guardrails, traffic signs, traffic markings, delineation lines, isolation fences, protective nets, anti-glare panels, barricades and highway boundary markers. In addition, they were also in charge of the road mechanical and electrical engineering facilities — monitoring systems, communication systems and toll-charge system — sound barriers, external power supply, as well as power supply and distribution works.


As the largest mechanical and electrical engineering project concerning traffic safety in the history of CREC4 Installation Co., Ltd, its project for the Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway project plays a key role in the company’s further progress in the Yunnan market. Since entering the site, the project department has carefully organized scientific construction, enhancing the company’s image in the southwestern Chinese province.


It has been learned that the Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway can also connect with the G85 ( Kunming-Mohan National Expressway) and the G56 ( Hangzhou-Ruili National Expressway).