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CREC4 takes lead in delivering residential buildings in Angola2022-08-05 14:47:15

A renovated housing complex in Angola, accommodating 896 households in eight buildings and contracted by the Angola Branch of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (CREC4), has been first delivered to the Angola side.


After signing a delivery certificate on July 29 by CREC4 representative Li Xiaogang and Hermenegildo Gaspar, president of Angola Housing Development Fund, the keys of the eight buildings, each with 15 floors, were handed over to the owner — the Angola Housing Development Fund, fulfilling CREC4’s commitment to deliver the renovated project on time.

The eight buildings are located in the Pacification Community in the District of Zango under the Municipality of Viana in Luanda Province. The hand-over ceremony was presided over by Manuel Molares D’abril, secretary of state of the Ministry of Public Works and Land Planning of Angola.

The whole renovated project in the living community covers 21 residential buildings, with six bids, and CREC4 Angola Branch won the No 5 and No 6 bids. It completed its task on time, and was the first one among the contractors to deliver the renovated project.

Since the starting the renovated project, CREC4 builders have overcome various difficulties in tight construction schedule, shortage of management staff, materials procurement, and high difficulty in repairing the original equipment.

They scientifically arranged the construction schedule with detailed plans, and integrated various resources, making steady progress in the restoration project and fulfilling the task on time.