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CREC4 builders drill their first pile for Fengtai-Maoji Expressway2022-07-21 15:45:38

Builders from the Seventh Engineering Co Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) started to drill the first pile for the No 2 Bid of Fengtai-Maoji Expressway on July 17, marking the official commencement of the project.

The expressway starts at the intersection of new S102 (old S308) highway and new G237 (old S203) expressway in Fengtai County, and after traversing Jinan-Qimen Expressway and West Feihe River, ends at Maoji Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Social Development.

The foundation of the first pile drilled on July 17 is located at West Feihe Super Bridge. The main bridge, with a total length of 4,507.28 meters, starts from No 0 platform and ends at the No 140 pier. Among them, the upper part of the stands between the No 137 pier and the No 140 pier will be a large-span non-uniform continuous beam in three sections — 80 meters + 135 meters + 80 meters.

The expressway, with an investment of some 1.3 billion yuan ($194 million), was previously schedule to start construction in October 2021. Upon completion, it will shorten the distance between Fengtai County and the high-speed railway station, playing a key role in promoting regional economic development.