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Liu Bo meets senior officials from Anhui-Jiangxi Railway Anhui Co Ltd2022-07-18 15:05:04

Liu Bo, Party secretary and chairman of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd, has met with Ji Fuxiao, Party secretary and general manager of Anhui-Jiangxi Railway Anhui Co., Ltd, and Yang Shaopeng, chief accountant of the company, who paid a visit to a CREC4 construction site for the Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Huangshan High-speed Railway.


Besides meeting with Ji and Yang on July 16, Liu also met with Xu Tao, deputy general manager ofChina Railway Design Group Co., Ltd., who was accompanying Ji and Yang in the visit. Leaders from CREC4 Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd and CREC4 Eighth Engineering Co., Ltd accompanied Liu in the meeting.

Nanchang-Jingdezhen-Huangshan HSR, with a total length of 289.807 kilometers comprising 10 stations and allowing trains to run at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, will be a major railway linking Jiangxi and Anhui provinces. Starting its construction on December 25, 2018, the HSR is expected to open to traffic in September 2023. It includes 200.276 kilometers in Jiangxi and 89.531 kilometers in Anhui.

At a promotion meeting for the remaining projects of the No 1 Bid for sections outside railway stations, Ji was briefed by CREC4 project managers on the construction progress, future plans as well as existing problems that need help from his company and its General Contracting Department. He noted that as the HSR building has entered a crucial stage, it is hoped that CREC4 can ensure its safety and quality, and build it into a top-quality and excellent project through concerted effort. It is also a must to handle well anti-COVID work and pay the month salaries of farm workers on time and in full, so as to achieve a goal of “earning profits, creating reputation and cultivating talent.” Ji also hoped that CREC4’s supporting firms can enhance their support to the project’s management department and let the HSR become operational by the end of this year.

Liu also called on the CREC4 builders to pay attention to four areas of work. First, it is imperative to carefully sort out the remaining engineering tasks, so as to finish the construction ahead of schedule. Second, it is necessary to allocate resources in accordance with the construction plan, in a bid to control construction cost and bolster the economic gains. Third, it is a must to strictly solidify work safety and improve management to ensure safe construction. And lastly, it is imperative to speed up the compilation of project completion data, and finish the relevant work synchronously with the static acceptance work.