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CREC4-built metro line and stations in Guiyang pass acceptance2022-07-14 14:50:07

Two metro stations and a metro section on Guiyang Metro Line 3 in Guizhou Province, which were built by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4), passed acceptance on July 10, opening the way for full operation of the entire line.

The 43.191-kilometer Metro Line 3 in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou, starts at Tongmuling Station on the north side of Huaxi City-Ring Expressway and ends at Luowan Station in Wudang District.


Two metro stations and a metro section, built by CREC4 forGuiyang Metro Line 3, passacceptance on July 10.

CREC4 helped build the section between Dongjiayan Station and Guizhou University Station, as well as two stations — Minzu (Nationalities) University Station and Guizhou University Station. The CREC4-built line, extending from Dongjiayan Station to Minzu University Station, as well as from Minzu University Station to Guizhou University Station, runs for 3.2 kilometers.


The CREC4 builders say as dolomite dominates the section’s geology, leading to a relatively hard stratum, the wear of shield machine tools has been severe during the excavation process. Meanwhile, as the section passes through Huaxi Avenue — a transport artery on the ground, and buildings such as pull-down troughs and pedestrian walks, resulting in a minimum vertical clear distance — or remaining pure distance — of three meters for construction, the work safety hazards have been high.