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CREC4 Party Committee hosts seminar to reiterate work safety2022-06-14 15:04:44

On June 6, the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Committee at China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) hosted an enlarged conference in Hefei, discussing work safety for the year 2022.

Participants studied General Secretary Xi Jinping’s profound expositions on work safety, the 15 measures outlined by the State Council’s work safety commission, and other instructions stipulated by the Anhui provincial work safety body, and parent company China Railway Group Limited. They also studied the Work Safety Initiative for First Responsible Person designed by CREC.

Liu Bo, Party secretary and chairman of CREC4, made a speech at the conference, and called for three concrete measures to implement the work. First, it is vital to reinforce staff’s political awareness on work safety. Second, it is necessary to consolidate the responsibility on work safety. And lastly, it is imperative to enhance work effectiveness.

Hang Yonggang, CREC4 general manager and deputy Party secretary, also urged participants to come to see fully the importance of work safety. First, the staff must dialectically understand the complexity, severity and particularity of work safety in the wake of COVID-19, so as to prioritize on safety, environment and health management, apply information technology widely and well manage emergency treatment measures for projects. Secondly, it is a must to re-emphasize the Work Safety Initiative for First Responsible Person designed by the parent company, in a bid to be pioneers through various types of work plans, work safety measures and supervision, innovative moves, new technology equipment and emergency rescue capabilities, as well as enhancing the work quality of staff members.

The members of the CREC4 Party committee who are in Hefei, other CREC4 leaders and senior executives, and leaders from the various departments of CREC4 headquarters also attended the conference.