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CREC4-built water purification plant put into test in Hebei Province2022-05-27 14:47:09

The expansion and construction project of a water purification plant in Qinghe County in southern Hebei Province, built by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4), has successfully tested water, sending safer and cleaner water to some 420,000 local residents.

The Phase-II project of Qinghe County Water Purification Plant, built by CREC4Third Engineering Co., Ltd, completed the water running test on May 13, safeguarding the steady delivery of safer and cleaner water to the homes of local residents of the county, which is administered by prefecture-level Qingtai City.

In recent years, the rapid development of Qinghe County has made the original Qinghe Water Plant (Phase I) operate at full capacity and unable to meet the demand of local residents. On June 6, 2021, the expansion project, or the Phase-II project, of Qinghe Water Purification Plant started on the original reserved land, with a planned construction period of 12 months and an operation period of 26 years. Upon completion, the water supply of the whole plant will reach 110,000 cubic meters per day. The expansion construction covers mixed flocculation sedimentation tanks, filter stations, clear water tanks, ultraviolet disinfection room, concentration tanks, sludge dewatering machine rooms and Phase-I renovation projects.

In spite of the stringent anti-COVID measures and slow movement of materials and machinery into the construction sites, the project department adopted flexible and efficient methods to ensure the smooth completion of every key node during the construction.

It is learned that with the main structure of the Phase-II Qinghe Water Plant being completed on January 20 and the successful water test on May 13, the CREC4 builders are making every endeavour to greet the scheduled operation of the water plant around June 6 this year.