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CREC4 bolsters project construction in Suzhou City2022-05-17 15:33:56

Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) fully connected the country’s first underground tunnel, which traverses a 5A-grade urban lake scenic spot, in Suzhou City of East China’s Jiangsu Province.

The base plate of the main line of the Suzhou Jinji (Golden Rooster) Lake Tunnel Project was completely connected by CREC4 First Engineering Co., Ltd builders on May 10, under the Jinji Lake, which is the largest top-rated urban lake park in China.


¡¾Builders from China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd successfully connectthe country’s first underground tunnel, which traverses a highest-grade urban lake scenic spot, in Suzhou Cityon May 10.¡¿

The tunnel project, which starts at Xinghai Street in the west (including the intersection of Xinghai Street) and ends at Nanshi Street in the east (including its intersection, extends for about 5.35 kilometers, among which 3 kilometers are fully under the lake. The main line of the tunnel is a two-way 6-lane expressway with a designed speed of 50 kilometers per hour. In order to fully protect the unique landscape of Jinji Lake, the tunnel is constructed with an open-surface method in a bid to ensure that the lake’s natural landscape cannot be harmed.

The Jinji Lake Tunnel is an important part of the trunk road system among the city’s “eight vertical and eight horizontal” zones as well as the “13 horizontal and 12 vertical” trunk road system in Suzhou Industrial Park. Upon completion, it will be of vital importance in facilitating traffic between the east and west sides of Jinji Lake, as well as the overall traffic carrying capacity of Suzhou Industrial Park.

In another development, builders from CREC4 Urban Rail Transit Engineering Branch Co., Ltd also sped up construction on the No 8 Line of Suzhou Subway.

On April 27, they successfully let the left line, located between Shijia Bridge Station and Jinye Street Station at the No 1 Bid of the No 8 Line, traverse the existing Beijing-Shanghai Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity High-speed Railway.

The line in this section, running northwards after leaving Shijia Bridge Station, needs to traverse passing through the West Ring Viaduct, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity High-speed Railway before reaching Jinye Street Station.

By adopting the top construction technologies, the project department ensured that the two railway lines in operation were were influenced at all.