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General Manager Han Yonggang meets with mayor of Jiujiang2022-05-10 14:49:41

Han Yonggang, general manager of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd, has met with Yang Wenbin, mayor of Jiujiang City in East China’s Jiangxi Province, conducting in-depth exchanges and reachingmajor consensus on jointly promoting the city’s infrastructure construction and bolstering mutually-beneficial cooperation.


Han Yonggang(left), general manager of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd, meetswith Yang Wenbin, mayor of Jiujiang City, on May 7.

While meeting Yang in Jiujiang on May 7, Han briefed the mayor on CREC4’s overall progress, and expressed his gratitude to the municipal government for its long-term care and support. Speaking of the longties between Jiujiang and CREC4, Han noted that CREC4 has attached great importance to the Jiujiang market, and the two parties have established a deep relationship of mutual trust with long-term cooperation.

Going forward, CREC4 will continue to do an excellent job in managing projects under construction in Jiujiang and actively fulfill its responsibilities of a centrally-administered State-owned enterprise, Han said. He hoped the two sides can enhance cooperation in the spheres of infrastructure construction, water and environmental protection, continuously enrich the content and scopes of cooperation, and perfect cooperation mechanism, so as to work together in promoting Jiujiang’s economic and social development.

While welcoming Han and his entourage for the visit to Jiujiang, Yang offered his full affirmation to CREC4’s high-standard and high-quality participation in building key projects in highway, municipal engineering, water conservancy and other fields in Jiujiang, which has brought positive impact on the city’s economic and social development. Yang stressed that currently, Jiujiang is implementing a series of major development strategies designed at the national and provincial levels, and the two sides have broad rooms for future cooperation. He hoped the two parties can deepen the level and depthsof strategic cooperation in the spheres of large infrastructure and comprehensive urban development, in a bid to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. He added that Jiujiang will make every effort to provide a first-class business environment and create favorable conditions for the development of enterprises.

Following the meeting, Han Yonggang also conducted field researchesby visiting the Jiujiang Railway Station Buildings Reconstruction and Enhancement Project, and the Jiujiang Water Environment Treatment Project. He carefully checked the projects’ overall situation, construction progress, innovations in process and construction methods, as well as COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control work.


Han Yonggang, general manager of CREC4, conducts field search in Jiujiang City by visiting the construction sites.

While giving his full recognition to the relevant work on the projects, Han also urged the staffers to fullyelevate their political standing, expand input of resources, strengthen anti-COVID work, and consolidate their responsibilities. All these will be aimed at boosting construction in a high-quality and efficient manner, and ensuring that the projects be fully controlled in work safety, quality, environmental protection and progress, in a bid to safeguard the scheduled opening of the Provincial Sports Games, as well as offer CREC4’s contribution in the mega construction work in protecting the Yangtze River, on whose bank Jiujiang sits, he said.


Han Yonggang, general manager of CREC4, conducts field search in Jiujiang City by visiting the construction sites.

Zhu Xiaoyong, deputy general manager and chief economist of CREC4, Zhang Jun, assistant general-manager and director of CREC4 Investment and Development Department, and leaders of relevant departments at CREC4 headquarters, CREC4 Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd, CREC4 Investment and Operation Co., Ltd, CREC4 Electromechanical Device Installation Co., Ltd and CREC4 Jiangxi OperationsCenter also attended the meeting and the field research.