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New HSR opens in Hubei to boost transport in Dabie Mountains2022-05-06 15:50:18

A major section of the Wuhan-Hangzhou High-speed Railway, which is part of China’s “eight verticalsand eight horizontals” HSR network, has been put into operation, to officially join the national transport system.

The Huanggang-Huangmei section of Wuhan-Hangzhou HSR, put into operation on April 22, is located in Huanggang, a prefecture-level city in Hubei Province, which sits in the Dabie Mountains. With five stations and a main line of 125.12 kilometerslong, it starts at Huanggang East Station, and goes southeast through Xishui County, Qichun County, Wuxue City and Huangmei County. At starting point, it can join the Wuhan-Huanggang intercity rail, and can link the existing Anqing-Jiujiang High-speed Railway at Huangmei East Station.

Senior local officials, including Hubei Party secretary Wang Menghui, Hubei Governor Wang Zhonglin, as well as Wang Tongjun, Dong Weimin and Zhao Haishan, attended the opening ceremony at Huangmei East Station.

The Huanggang-Huangmei section of Wuhan-Hangzhou HSR is also part of the vertical Beijing-Hong Kong HSR, which has been included in the National Medium-and Long-term High-speed Railway Network Plan.

Undertaking the construction of the 3rd bid for the Huanggang-Huangmei section, China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) helped to build a line of 31.009 kilometers long, with jobs covering subgrades, bridges, tunnels and other projects. Among them, the Tiejiachong tunnel cluster and the swivel beams traversing the Beijing-Kowloon railway at Fanjiagang Super Bridge are key projects on the whole line.

During tunnel construction, CREC4 builders adopted the domestically-advanced intelligent large machine supporting operations and advanced standard technology for digging tunnels, ushering in the full connection of all tunnels on the whole line on December 22, 2020,following the smooth completion of the Dajin No 1 Tunnel.

As the only swivel bridge on the whole line, the Fanjiagang Super Bridge witnessed its swivel beams — a 2×116-meter-long T-structure continuous beam traversing Beijing-Kowloon railway and weighing 12,000 tons — being successfully rotated after 50 minutes of intense construction on September 16, 2020.

With the new operation, the travel time between Wuhan, provincial capital of Hubei in Central China, and Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang Province in East China, will be reduced to only three hours. Visitors departing Wuhan can arrive in Jiujiang in Jiangxi Province with one hour, and reach Anqing in Anhui Province within 90 minutes.

The Huanggang-Huangmei section of Wuhan-Hangzhou HSR will be conducive in improving the HSR layout in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, promoting the economic and social progress in the Dabie Mountains, and boosting the link between Central and East China.

The trains on the Huanggang-Huangmei section of Wuhan-Hangzhou HSR have a designed speed of 350 kilometers an hour. And the five stations on the section are

Huanggang East Station, Xishui South Station, Qichun South Station, Wuxue North Station and Huangmei East Station.