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Investors tour CREC4-built Jimma-Chida project in Ethiopia2022-04-26 15:15:53

Investors of the Jimma-Chida road upgrade project, being built by the First Engineering Co Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4), paid an inspection trip to the worksitein Ethiopiaon April 14, checking on the work progress.

The investors include AfDB in Africa, and the JICA of Japan.

The total length of the project, starting at Jimma zone and ending at Chida county, is about 80 kilometers, linking two regions of Oromia and the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region.

The entourage from AfDB and JICA were briefed on the project overview, construction content, project progress, environmental protection measures, work safety arrangement, and working and living environment of the staff members.

They also had adetailed examination on the worksite traffic control, dust control, and project team building, while paying special attention to land right confirmation, sub-base materials arrangement, campsite construction, and dispatch of machinery and equipment. They asked the CREC4 project department to launch more worksites by creating more conditions, and simultaneously do an excellent job in on-site work safety.

It is learned that the main engineering volume of the Jimma-Chida road upgrade project includes 5.937 million square meters of earthwork, 80-kilometer-long asphalt surface, 249 round-pipe culverts, one single-hole bridge, one three-hole bridge and one double-hole box culvert for structural engineering.

Having startedconstructionon March 8, 2021, the upgrade project is expected to complete on March 8, 2025. To date, excavation for the main body of the road has hit 180,000 square meters in earthwork.