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CREC4 GM inspects work at Eighth Engineering Co Ltd2022-04-25 15:48:38

Han Yonggang, general manager of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4), made an inspection trip on April 21 to the CREC4 Eighth Engineering Co Ltd, calling on the firm to steadily expand its business operations and contribute more to CREC4’s high-quality development.


CREC4General Manager Han Yonggangmakes a speech during his inspection trip on April 21 to the CREC4 Eighth Engineering Co Ltd.

Accompanied by Zhu Xiaoyong, CREC4 deputy general-manager, Han listened to reports on CREC4 Eighth Engineering’s business operations, financial work, management innovation, and cultural development during the past three years, development philosophy for the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), difficulties confronting management, next-stage work arrangement, and support policies needed from the CREC4 headquarters.

After the reports, relevant departments from the CREC4 headquarters put forward their work suggestions based on the characteristics of the Eighth Engineering.

Zhu Xiaoyong stressed that the Eighth Engineering should continuously expand its development scale, and enhance its quality of development by focusing on its main businesses, and constantly seek market expansion. Meanwhile, it is also imperative to elevate its equipment utilization rate, speed up research and development efforts, strengthen safe production, better cultivate and use more industrial workers, in a bid to further promote the innovation and upgrading of its “big business” management, he said.


Zhu Xiaoyong, CREC4 deputy general-manager, makes a speech while visiting the CREC4 Eighth Engineering Co Ltd on April 21.

In his concluding speech, Han offered his affirmation of the achievements of CREC4 Eighth Engineering in the past few years, saying that the company is a well-trained, pragmatic and capable team with profound heritages.

Han called for four major steps for its future development. First, summarizing the characteristics of Eighth Engineering employees, and bolstering its characteristic corporate culture. Second, steadily expanding its business operations, and adhering to its direction of professionalization, so as to extend its vertical industry chain, and boost technological innovation as well as industrial pioneering capabilities. Third, paying great attention to the management of “big business” and profoundly improving project management and operation capabilities, in a bid to promote regionalized business operations. And fourthly, doing an excellent job in nurturing the talent echelons of various professions suiting all types of work, so as to continuously guarantee the talent need for its high-quality development.