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CREC4-built sewage treatment plant in Ulaanbaatar hits new milestone2022-04-15 14:39:46

Construction of a new central sewage treatment plant in Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar, being built by the First Engineering Co Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4), hit another milestone on March 31, with the successful concrete pouring in the inner walls of three reaction tanks.

This marked the simultaneous completion of three planned construction nodes in building the plant, now dubbed the No 1 people’s livelihood project in Ulaanbaatar, since the resumption of construction work there. Upon completion, it will become the largest of its size and the most modern plant, with most complex technological design, in Mongolia, with a sewage treatment capacity of 250,000 cubic meters each day.

Located in the southwestern part of Ulaanbaatar, the nation’s capital, the whole project includes building of pump houses in the old plant area, sewage pipelines into the plant, the new central sewage treatment plant, and the tail water discharge channels.

The completed concrete pouring this time covers one inner wall in Zone 11, three inner walls in Zone 1 on the north side of the biological reaction pool, and two inner walls in Zone 5 — all key processes for the subsequent construction in advancing the project.

Being the No 1 project drawing top attention from the Mongolian government and another “Friendship Project” between China and Mongolia, the plant officially commenced its construction on February 28, 2019.