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CREC4 Fifth Engineering enhances its ¡®big business system¡¯2022-04-14 14:35:30

The Fifth Engineering Co Ltd of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) hosted a promotion meeting on April 2 to boost its construction of a “big business system,” calling on participants to deliberate on its implementation plan for the job, which will be carried out soon.

Big business management is a major task for this year deployed by China Railway Group Limited — the parent company of CREC4. On the basis of traditional cost management, big business management aims to see multi-party collaboration and linkage, through strengthening various links such as business operation expansion, project fulfillment, operating cost control, property right confirmation and settlement, assessment and incentives. It eyes the goals of choosing excellent projects, top management, detailed calculation and full income, in a bid to win better market share and the recognition of project owners, elevating a company’s economic efficiency and its core competitiveness.

Currently, CREC4 Fifth Engineering is trying to strengthen itstop design on a “big business system” and optimize its systematic layout through a detailed implementation plan and concrete measures.

First, readjusting institutional organization and optimize management functions. The company’s Cost Department was renamed into the Business Management Department with five branches under it: revenue organization, cost management, closing work management, cost control, and labor management. Each branch has its designated staff and clear-cut function. Concurrently, the company’s Bidding and Procurement Center has been set up, coordinating all the work covering the centralized procurement of materials and equipment, labor service tendering, and office supplies tendering and procurement. In addition, the Project Calculation Center was also launched.

Secondly, strengthening a two-tier (CREC4 + CREC4 Fifth Engineering) deployment and deepening project management. In accordance with the requirement of CREC4, the CREC4 Fifth Engineering will comb all its ongoing projects and finalize on the projects necessary to introduce a business manager and a business management department. At present, amid CREC4 Fifth Engineering’s 57 projects under construction, 26 projects are eligible for having business managers, and 16 have been introduced. The remaining will be introduced by May-end.

Moving forward, CREC4 Fifth Engineering will stick to its key links and key tasks in constructing a big business system, ensuring the work efficiency, and provide strong support in building the company into an excellent enterprise with high-quality development.