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Headquarters officials conduct research work at CREC42022-04-08 09:03:26

Three officials from the centrally-administered China Railway Group Limited (CREC) — the parent company of China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd —conducted their research work at CREC4 on March 24, offering their suggestions for the Hefei-based group’s sustainable and stable development, in order to let it become stronger, better and bigger.

Zhong Ruiming, a CREC Independent Non-Executive Director, He Wen, CREC’s secretary of the Board of Directors and chief of its Assessment and Distribution Department, and Li Zhonglin, chief of the Property Rights Representatives Duty Performance Management Division at CREC’s Office of the Board of Directors, made the trip at the accompany of Liu Bo, Party secretary and chairman of CREC4, and Chen Wei, secretary of CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection at CREC4. Liu, Chen and officials at CREC4’s relevant departments reported their work.

Liu briefed the guests on the overall situation of CREC4, its production and operation, reform and development situations, the building and operation of its board of directors, the experiences of CREC4’s reform and development, the existing problems, and the work plan for the year 2022. Since 2020, by adhering to CREC’s overall decisions and work deployment, CREC4 has made successful achievements during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), and started its new stage of high-quality development for the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), Liu said. He noted that through enhancing a modern corporate governance system and perfecting its board of directors, CREC4 has regulated the operation of the board of directors and consolidated its functions and powers, giving full play to its role of “designing strategies, making decisions, and preventing risks.” In 2022, CREC4 will conscientiously implement all of the parent company’s decisions deployed at the start of this year, stick to its main line of “brand promotion year” and continuously expand its high-quality development.

Zhong Ruiming stressed that as a landmark enterprise of CREC, CREC4 is a combat-effective team with fine traditions. In recent years, by insisting on expanding the market, prioritizing management and improving efficiency, CREC4 has witnessed fast growth in business operations and retained its leading position in the parent company, with its advancement in modern enterprise construction, steady optimization of industrial chains and steady progress in business operation efficiency. He hoped that CREC4 can further enhance its capabilities in preventing and controlling business risks, and optimizing asset structures, in a bid to continuously boost its sustainable and stable development.

He Wen noted that CREC4 should pay pivotal attention to this research and survey work, and actively feedback its development suggestions to the CREC Board of Directors. By sticking to the parent company’s business targets deployed at the beginningof the year, CREC4 should seek more policy support from the parent company, so as to let CREC4 become stronger, better and bigger.

In another development, earlier on March 23, Zhong Ruiming, He Wen and Li Zhonglin, the three officials from CREC, also paid a visit to and conducted their research at CREC4’s “Better Home Better Life” Chaohu International Health Club. In 2015, CREC4 officially launched its high-end elderly care brand “Better Home Better Life.”

Han Yonggang, CREC’s general manager, and Chen Wei, secretary of CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection at CREC4, accompanied them in the research work.

Zhong stressed that as a landmark enterprise of CREC, CREC4 is a role model for its peers to follow. He fully affirmed the achievements made by the “Better Home Better Life” International Health Club in the spheres of hardware facilities, healthcare services, and auxiliary environmental support. He encouraged CREC4 to allocate more resources, gather more confidence, and continuously explore and cultivate a good development path in developing the healthcare market, so as to nurture a brighter “Better Home Better Life” brand.