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The country¡¯s first intra-city HSR starts track laying2022-04-01 16:05:42

Builders from State-owned China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd (CREC4) began to lay tracks for the country’s first intra-city high-speed railway on March 31 at Dagushan Mountain Tunnel of Jinan-Laiwu HSR in East China’s Shandong Province.


¡¾Builders from State-owned China Railway No.4 Engineering Group Co., Ltdbegin to lay track for the Jinan-Laiwu High-Speed Railway— the country’s first intra-city HSR — in Shandong Province on March 31.¡¿

Jinan-Laiwu High-Speed Railway, with six stations including Jinan East Station, Ganggou Station, Zhangqiu South Station, Xueye Station, Laiwu North Station and Gangcheng Station, has a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour for the trains and will usher in a travel time of 22.5 minutes from the starting point to the end.

It is expected the line will meet its condition of opening to traffic at the end of this year. Laiwu, previously a prefecture-level city bordering the provincial capital of Jinan, was incorporated into Jinan, which is a semi-provincial city, in January 2019 at the approval of the central government.


¡¾CREC4 builders begin to lay tracks for the Jinan-Laiwu High-Speed Railwayon March 31 with pusher locomotive pulling long tracks.¡¿

Responsible for the track laying for the whole HSR, CREC4 builders are helping lay 227.46 km for the main track and 27.76 km for the station track, in addition to 115 units of switches and crossings. According to schedule, the track laying work, to be conducted in sections, will see an end of track-laying between Xiaoyi Reservoir Super Bridge to Gangcheng Station prior to April 30, and witness the full completion on the entire line by the end of May.


¡¾Long tracks are stored at a CREC4 construction yard, ready for laying at the Jinan-Laiwu High-Speed Railway.¡¿

It is learned that the track laying gantries and seamless line welding equipment used in the track laying are all special machines independently developed and manufactured in China. Being safe and reliable with high-operating efficiency, they can help to ensure a daily progress of six kilometers in track laying and a daily operation of rail welding at five kilometers.

Besides, in order to safeguard the safety of the high-speed trains, and ensure the smooth and comfortable rides of passengers, CREC4 builders will elevate the track laying accuracy to the millimeter level.


¡¾CREC4 builders celebrate the start of the track laying work for the Jinan-Laiwu High-Speed Railwayon March 31.¡¿

At present, all the tunnels of the entire line have been connected, while the substructure of 53 bridges and the main filling for the roadbed have been completed. Meanwhile, Zhangqiu South Station greeted its topping-out for its main structures, becoming the first such station on the whole line.

While handling well the track laying work, Jinan Rail Transit Group — the HSR operator — will coordinate with all the participating units to do an excellent job in COVID-19 prevention and control, and safety production, in a bid to present a gift to the forthcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.