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Construction of Shaoguan-Xinfeng Highway is speeding up2020-05-26 17:02:08

May 25, Songshan Tunnel, Shizishan Tunnel and some other key projects of Shaoguan-Xinfeng Highway constructed by CTCE Group are speeding up. Shaoguan-Xinfeng Highway is the connection line of 4 national highway networks, which are Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Highway, Shantou-Kunming Highway, Daqinqing-Guangzhou Highway and Wuhan-Shenzhen Highway. The total length of Shaoguan-Xinfeng Highway is 83.261 km.

More than 3800 workers are returning to work now. Over 70% of Shaoguan-Xinfeng Highway has been completed. The main work of this highway will be completed in 2020.

It is known that Zijin-Huizhou, Huizhou-Qingyuan and other 9 highway projects in Heyuan, Guangdong are scheduled to end in 2020 and opened to traffic. At that time, the mileage of Guangdong Highway will exceed 10,000 km, ranking first in China.